Project & Proposal


The Project and Proposal department manages all the stages of a waste-to-energy project, from the  concept phase to its delivery. Because the exchange of experiences and information between both teams is an important added value for both our bids and for how we carry out our projects, these teams were combined on purpose. Our work is highly international, giving each bid and project their own character and challenges.

The proposal managers work on the technical side of the waste-to-energy bids. They provide suitable solutions to the customer's demands and go along to discuss and defend these solutions. To achieve that, they work hand in glove with the other departments (engineering & technology, commercial & quality, and business development, etc.) to come up with a high-quality, competitive quote.
The project managers are in charge of ensuring one or more projects are finished on budget, on time, and to the customer's satisfaction. They are the customer's first point of contact, and they organize the work carried out by the other departments.
Within our team, there are also a number of colleagues playing an important supporting role in quotes and projects, such as planning and documentation. The site managers are also part of this department. They see to it that our technology is correctly and safely implemented on site, so we can deliver a reliable, high-performance installation.
In our company, we believe strongly in cross-training, and it's customary that project managers, for example, also follow up on bids, and proposal managers also help carry out our projects. In addition, we are looking to take on a leading role in new developments in the waste-to-energy industry. That's why we encourage everyone to take part.
Seeing a project grow from the concept phase to the delivery is a wonderful experience, and a highly satisfying one—especially because you know you did your part for more sustainable environment management and a cleaner future.