Engineering & Technology

The Keppel Seghers engineering team provides the technology for waste-to-energy projects within the Keppel Infrastructure group. We develop every project from A to Z, transforming waste into fuel, as either heat or electricity. To this end, we work hand in glove with the Project & Proposal team to successfully carry through projects.
OOur team carries out these projects in accordance with the correct safety guidelines, the customer's technical specifications, and local regulations. We do so by way of internal standard working procedures and with a clear objective of completing the projects on budget and on time.
We support Keppel Seghers's ongoing projects in the quote, execution, and start-up stages on site. In addition, we're responsible for fundamental industrial research, the experimental development of our current tech, and the conceptual development of new technical applications.
The engineering team consists of several departments: Plant Engineering, Plant Integration, Automation, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Plant Follow Up. Within each of these departments, we focus on standard procedures to ensure our projects are carried out uniformly.
The Plant Engineering team is composed of, on the one hand, Process Engineers who focus on process design: heat & mass balances, drawing up P&IDs and PFDs, creating and verifying CFD models, and drafting performance and warranty procedures. On the other hand, the Project Engineers focus on the correct delivery of materials and installations

The Plant Integration team and its mechanical & piping designer ensure the detailed design of the plant components we develop in-house, such as the boiler, furnace, and flue gas cleaning. In addition, they also take care of stability calculations for steel constructions, and they lay out the plant.

Automation Engineers and their team mainly focus on programming PLC systems and configuring DCS systems. That way, they turn process logic into practical work methods.
In the Electrical team, the Electrical Engineers are involved from start to finish (commercial stage, engineering, and commissioning) to equip the waste-to-energy installation with suitable E&I infrastructure.
The Plant Follow-Up Team takes care of data collection and analysis of active waste-to-energy installations. They manage data flows and, thanks to in-depth data analyses, provide additional insights into performance, new applications, and technologies. 

In cooperation with the Commercial and Quality department, our engineers keep in touch with suppliers, customers, and partners in order to be able to select materials at market rates. Mostly, this concerns the engineering and purchase of the boiler, flue gas cleaning, piping, insulation, assembly, and other parts. 
Lastly, the Innovation Manager is also part of this department. He actively keeps abreast of market trends and recent technologies, enabling him to join his co-workers in coming up with innovative solutions and improvements of the tech we deliver.

To optimally unlock the potential of our collaborators, we pay special attention to cross-training between our different disciplines. That way, our employees can keep growing thanks to in-house or external training. Given our international activities, work includes regular travel abroad.