Commercial & Quality

The Commercial & Quality department looks after the commercial interests of Keppel Seghers over the course of an entire waste-to-energy project. On the one hand, there is the Procurement team, which is in charge of purchases. On the other hand, the Quality Team ensure maximum quality of the waste-to-energy installations and components we deliver.
Our Procurement team is in charge of sourcing all materials our waste-to-energy installations are built with. For larger parts—such as the boiler, furnace, and flue gas cleaning systems—we look for reliable, chiefly international partners to whom we can outsource this part of the project.
To achieve that, we search the most suitable suppliers, follow up on requests for bids and tenders, commercially evaluate the bids, engage in contract negotiations, and to conclude, follow up on all orders commercially. Several sales assistants make sure administrative and logistics support goes smoothly.
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The Quality Control team ensures the necessary support to guarantee our clients maximum quality while keeping cost of ownership relatively low. This team of QC Inspectors—which usually consists of specialized, experienced welding engineers—is key for the technical assessment of new suppliers, checking technical specifications, and drawing up inspection and test plans (ITPs). Their greatest contribution is following up on quality during the entire production process, without losing sight of planning.
Keppel Seghers operates worldwide, and that makes our job extra challenging, but most of all, fascinating. The colleagues in our team regularly visit clients, suppliers, and so on, in Europe, but also in China, India, and even in Australia.