Our colleague Brecht in Australia

25 Apr 2022
A few years ago we were selected to deliver our technology for the first Waste-to-Energy plant in Australia. Since the end of 2019 we have a team onsite to provide technical assistance for the construction and commissioning activities of the Kwinana Waste-to-Energy plant.

The Kwinana WtE plant will be located about 40km south of Perth and will be able to process up to 400,000 tonnes a year of waste using Keppel Seghers' technology and processes, and export an estimated 36MW of green electricity to the grid once operational. The facility will feature Keppel Seghers' air-cooled grate and vertical boiler, which are designed to achieve efficient energy recovery and operational reliability. When completed the facility can effectively reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfills by over 90%

Since the end of 2019 we have a project team on site. The team is led by our colleague Brecht Van Gastel as "site coordination engineer". Next tot Brecht we also have Viveak Apparao on site who is the site construction engineer. His role is more field based and provides practical support. Mladen Galic is another site engineer who focuses on the boiler. Finally we have Lei Liu who primarely focuses on the flue gas cleaning. The team of 4 helps the client with technical queries regarding the installation and commissioning of the construction site.

We asked Brecht as Site Coordination Engineer 8 questions on "life during a WtE project in Australia".

In the first video you'll find out what our project team exactly does and dive into Brecht's role. You'll also discover the most memorable moments and how the team stays connected with our team in Belgium. ‚Äč

The second video answers your questions on Brecht's background, what he loves about his job and to conclude he also reveals how he spends his weekend and what he likes about Australia.